A Letter From Illinois Craft Distillers…

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Nice to meet you.

We hear you enjoy fine spirits. So do we. We enjoy them so much, we’ve made it our life’s work to bring the best distilled spirits to our community. That, in particular, is why we think you’ll be interested in the Heartland Spirits Fest, where we will bring our craft spirits to you to try.

We don’t just make small batch whiskeys, bourbons, gins, and more for our communities, but we also make it using the best local ingredients we can find. Enjoying our spirits is enjoying the spirit of America. Or at least, that’s how we see it.

When you sip our bourbon or whiskey, you can know you’re tasting the hard work of America’s heartland. We come from different states, but we have common threads. We use local crop born from the soil we’ve either built our shops on, or have moved into to rejuvenate our community. Some of us are in areas that aren’t very big on the map, like Fort Wayne, IN, or aren’t big on the map for the best reasons, like Detroit.

So that’s why we’re eager to meet you in person on May 20, at Concord Music Hall. Because the people who know us, love us. But the people who know us don’t number in the millions, or hundreds of thousands, or even just thousands. We’re small shops making spirits for small towns, and we’re proud of that.

A lot of our spirits can’t be found outside our state lines. Unless you’re ready to pack up the car and trek to Michigan or Kentucky, meeting us at the Heartland Spirits Fest is your chance.

So…what are you doing next Saturday?

The Distillers


Chicago Bourbon’s founder, William Reigle, will be judging the Heartland Spirits Fest Whiskey Competition taking place at CH Distillery on Thursday May 18th. More than 60 craft whiskeys are entered into the competition and 30 craft distillers will be pouring those and more at the public festival on Saturday May 20th from 12:00 – 5:00pm at the Concord Music Hall.


Get your tickets for Saturday’s event right hereuse code ‘CHICAGO’ for discounted tickets!




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