new years eve

Our top 3 NYE bourbon cocktails

new years eve

With New Year’s Eve around the corner we’ve compiled three holiday cocktails – featuring what else but Bourbon! These are ideal to not only enjoy yourself but serve to guests as you celebrate the conclusion of 2015 and ring in 2016. We have two for NYE and a final drink to help you out the next morning (or afternoon as the case may be). These are our own creations, feel free to tweak them with your favorite bourbon to fit your taste and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Cranberry Bourbon Twist

Cranberry Bourbon Twist
This cocktail brings together two of our favorite classic bourbon drinks, the Manhattan and the Old Fashioned – with a twist! Start by combining fresh cranberries with brandy in a mason jar. Aerate the cranberries with a toothpick prior to placing them in the jar. Seal the jar and refrigerate overnight. The tart cranberries will meld with the sweet brandy creating a delicious garnish. Next mix your preferred bourbon – we recommend Woodford Reserve Distiller’s Select for it’s sweet creme brulee and apricot tart finish, with an equal part soda water. Add a splash of sweet vermouth and stir (don’t shake!), pour into the glass of your choice. This one is great both up and on the rocks. Peel an orange then squeeze the peel over your cocktail, garnish with the brandied cranberries and a fresh orange twist.

Our recipe:
1 part bourbon
1 part soda water
Splash sweet vermouth
Slice orange peel
Orange twist
Fresh brandy soaked cranberry garnish

bourbon punch

Warm Winter Bourbon Punch
Are you looking for a simple yet impressive batch cocktail? Try a Warm Winter Bourbon Punch. Grab a crock pot, pour in 2 parts bourbon – we like Evan Williams Single Barrel for its apple and orange notes along with cinnamon and oak finish. Add 3 parts spiced apple cider, 1 part ginger beer, 1 part orange juice, and fresh lemon juice. Add a few cinnamon sticks into the crock pot and withhold a few as garnish. An hour before your guests arrive set the crock pot to “warm” or “low”. Leave the lid off to let that aroma escape!

Our recipe:
2 parts bourbon
3 parts spiced apple cider
1 part ginger beer
1 part orange juice
Juice of 1 lemon
Cinnamon stick garnish

Bourbon Bloody Mary

Spicy Bourbon Bloody Mary
After spending the evening celebrating you’ll probably be ready for something to take the edge off the next morning. Go for a spicy bloody Mary but change it up with a nice bourbon in place of vodka. Keep it simple by starting with Bulleit as your bourbon of choice – for it’s smooth and spicy finish. Don’t forget to add an ounce or two of a stout beer to round out the flavor. The best part may be the garnish so don’t get lazy, especially if you still have guests over. Grab a few skewers and throw in the kitchen sink….cheese, bacon, blue cheese stuffed olives, shrimp, salami, fries, even a cheeseburger!

Our recipe:
1oz stout beer 
3oz bourbon
Dash worcestershire
Fresh ground pepper
Thick and spicy bloody mary mix
Hot sauce to taste
Garnish with anything and everything. Bacon, cheese, salami, celery salt, cheeseburger.

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